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Oh Lord.

I’ve just checked the deadline for one of my uni tasks and it’s for the 20th.


This particular task involves group work, we’ve supposed to have been emailing each other stuff over this 3 weeks but no one has been (me included, I’m not slagging them off)

I’ve got an 18th tomorrow, a 19th on Saturday leaving a hungover Sunday to try and get all the work done for when we meet up on MONDAY.

That then leaves FOUR DAYS to do a task that they gave us THREE WEEKS to do. Argh. I kept putting it off because it was hard, now I know why. 

Le sob. 

Also, we have to meet up with another group and record the ‘meeting’ we have. Ahaha imagine, I’m gonna be like “Hi Tumblr, I’m recording the accent challenge. Oh wait…”


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  1. fatherlarryduff said: you’ll be fiiiineeee!
  2. dovahnite said: Never fear, I got set a task at the beginning of uni, due for Janurary. Group work, we did it the day before and got 90% :3
  3. mrmozza said: I do this all the time. I was drunk at 3am on the day started placement at a school because I got the days wrong =P
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